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Emma Galloway worked as a chef for eight years before realizing that she suffered from gluten and lactose intolerance. And suddenly you’re working with restaurant-level deliciousness in a matter of 30 minutes or less. Recommended eating scenarios include as a side for some nice pan-seared chicken or steak, as its own thing with a green salad to fill out the plate, or literally straight out of the pan as you stand in the kitchen in your sweats. I mean, I don’t want to make assumptions about your date nights, but I am Team Fettuccine in Sweats for life.

Tip Or Smell Flying Onion

Onions are often used in many dishes. However, the pungent smell of onion on hand is not pleasant. You can use some food and utensils in the kitchen to deodorize the onions.

1. Salt

Add salt to the palm and add some water to dissolve the salt. Use this mixture to rub your hands and wash your hands with clean water and dry them. Salt not only eliminates odor but also exfoliates dead skin cells for beautiful hands, helping to soften your hands.

However, fresh milk should be used to moisturize your hands after you wash your hands with salt to prevent dryness. You can also use sugar or coffee powder to replace salt. The use of sugar has the advantage of not causing pain in the case of open wounds.

2. Tomatoes

Dip your onion into the bowl of tomato juice for 5 minutes. Then wash your hands with dishwashing liquid. Tomatoes can “blow” many odors, including the smell.

3. Lemon

Squeeze some fresh lemon juice in the bowl and soak your “smelly” hands in lemon juice for 3 minutes. Vinegar or mouthwash are the alternatives when your home does not have lemon.

4. Avocados

Use a little bit of rubbing cream on your hands and wash your hands with soap. Butter will make you feel slippery, but they will smell bad and also help moisturize your hands. Without butter, you can use toothpaste.

5. Cam

Remove a large orange peel, chop the orange and rub into hands for 2 minutes and then wash your hands with clean water. Repeat many times if the smell is not over. After washing, your hands will have a pleasant smell of orange oil.

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