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Emma Galloway worked as a chef for eight years before realizing that she suffered from gluten and lactose intolerance. And suddenly you’re working with restaurant-level deliciousness in a matter of 30 minutes or less. Recommended eating scenarios include as a side for some nice pan-seared chicken or steak, as its own thing with a green salad to fill out the plate, or literally straight out of the pan as you stand in the kitchen in your sweats. I mean, I don’t want to make assumptions about your date nights, but I am Team Fettuccine in Sweats for life.

Eating More Sausages Leads To A Risk Of Heart Failure

Men who eat a lot of sausages as well as processed foods made from red meat (bacon, salted meat …) are more likely to have heart failure than those who eat less.

This is the result of newly published research by Swedish scientists after the medical records of more than 37,000 Swedish men between the ages of 45 to 79. These people have no history of the disease. heart disease, heart failure or cancer. They were asked in detail about their daily diet. In 12 years of follow-up, 2891 people were diagnosed with heart failure and 266 died of the disease. The study looked at male subjects, and researchers said that women were equally at risk if they ate more processed meats.

Research is evidence of the potential health risks of processed meat. People who ate more than 75 grams of processed meat a day had a 24% higher risk of heart failure and twice as many deaths as those who ate less. 75 g is equivalent to two sausages or 4 slices of ham or 4 pieces of bacon or a small burger. Researchers also found that daily intake of raw red meat did not increase the risk of heart failure. They suspect that salts with other chemicals added during processing cause high blood pressure, leading to heart failure.

Heart failure, which usually occurs after a heart attack, occurs when the heart becomes too weak to pump blood throughout the body. Heart failure can lead to difficulty breathing, heart attack or sudden death. Although heart failure may not directly cause death, it can lead to death from fluid in the lungs or irregular heartbeats.

Unprocessed meat does not contain any food additives and usually has a lower salt content. Although no link between heart failure and unprocessed red meat has been found, researchers have called on people to “restrain themselves”, only to eat one or two portions a week.

“In order to reduce the risk of heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases,” said Professor Joanna Kaluza, professor of human nutrition at the University of Life Sciences in Warsaw, Poland. I recommend not eating processed red meat and limiting the amount of unprocessed red meat, maximum 1-2 servings a week. Instead, you should eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, nuts and fish … ”

A further study of this study found that red meat increased the risk of bowel cancer – the second most common disease affecting 41,500 Britons a year. Scientists also say that red meat causes heart attacks and strokes due to its high fat content. In addition, when researching the diet of women, British and American scientists have found that eating red meat – whether processed or not – increases the risk of breast cancer in women. 20%.

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